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Vetting IQ & EQ For
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Leveraging Strong Links For Success

Umbrella Approach Creates Ideal Match

One thing you can count on as a constant, is change, and you need a partner that can be agile with you.

Our 4-part approach is uniquely designed for you.
Outside-The-Box Analysis

We don’t believe the best solutions exist inside of a box. With each partnership, we diligently capture the details of our client’s dream candidate, but we also listen methodically and intentionally for what’s beneath the need and suggest and brainstorm solutions that are outside of the box as well. This approach works powerfully and we often unearth solutions or possibilities that you wouldn’t otherwise see.

Vetting IQ & EQ For Custom Fit

We pride ourselves on having a strong knack for vetting emotional intelligence and chemistry. Technical matching is important, but people work with people, and our clients continuously praise our intuitive “spidey sense” for understanding the person who fits best holistically within the organization.

Leveraging Strong Links For Success

We build deep connections and we train ourselves to keep them top of mind. Time is of the essence in staffing. Creating deep links is a critical part of success, but the value lies in our ability to tap into that relationship immediately. In addition to our robust database, our team continues to enhance, build, and share our “Mental Rolodex” of contacts so that we can provide solutions, suggestions, and real-time potential candidates on the spot.

Umbrella Approach's Match

We leverage our Umbrella Approach for increased success. While most firms specialize in a single industry or vertical, we believe that a lot of synergies happen cross-functionally. The most successful placements are all rooted in the idea that the best candidate uniquely fits the position at hand – like a puzzle piece – and we feel this can be done regardless of industry or title. Our deep network and diverse portfolio of highly-qualified professionals span various skill levels and expertise, allowing us to be incredibly agile in our searches and find your perfect talent fit.

At Lincoln Group, we won't settle for less than the highest level of attention and customization. Ask our customers, they'll tell you it's true. You deserve the VIP treatment from your recruiting partner - once you experience our 360* approach, you'll never go back.

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