At Last – A Staffing Agency That Specializes in People and Delivers

Why We Do What We Do

There’s something that we think many staffing agencies and recruiters fail to understand – what modern recruitment really is. A bold statement. Controversial, even. Though it’s a belief that fuels our existence, and that motivates each of our moments at Lincoln Group. Let us explain.

What Is a Staffing Agency?

Ask 100 staffing agencies what their role is, and 99 of them will describe their services as filling vacancies. Don’t believe us? Ask your staffing agency to describe their job, and they are likely to describe services that fulfil the following tasks:

  • Matching skills to technical requirements
  • Identifying and supplying that experience to the client
  • Sourcing knowledge for available vacancies
  • Providing data and statistics to clients
  • Finding jobs applicable to a candidate’s experience, skillset, and seniority

Staffing agencies have existed for decades, beginning in the mid-1940s when companies needed to hire workers as the economy began to expand after the end of World War II. In the 1960s and 70s, staffing agencies started to offer their services to fill increasingly popular temporary workers. The 1990s and 2000’s saw further evolution, as technology began to play a larger part in the hiring cycle.

Today, staffing agencies place around 16 million employees across the United States each year into contract and temporary positions. They pretty much all operate with the above parameters. There is a difference between filling positions and filling highly skilled positions.  We think this model requires an overhaul. So, while we do all the above, we take a very different approach to the norm.

Staffing and Recruitment Is About Delivering Meaning

The job you do is a major part of your DNA. We all spend more time at work, or working, than you do anywhere else. In most cases, you see more of your colleagues than you do your partner and children – with the exception of the last ten months

If your job isn’t aligned with your personality, your personal values and beliefs, your career, and your lifestyle ambitions, then it won’t be long before you start to feel discontented and demotivated. You’ll lack the  interest to go above and beyond. Your professional life will lack meaning.

Here’s something else we know to be true. We’re all unique, with an individual mix of qualities, values, beliefs, goals, and lifestyle desires. We believe that 21st century staffing agencies should deliver not jobs but purpose – and that this purpose must be individualized.

It’s not only executives who are unique. So too, are the teams for whom they are responsible, and the key talent that is employed within those teams. The companies that employ them have their own uniqueness, too.

As a hiring manager, you’ll be looking for an executive who aligns with everything your team and company stands for and the meaningful work that your team does. You don’t just want a set of skills and a rollcall of experience. You want a partner and someone to solve problems. You need a shining light who will be engaged with your mission from the off, and who will enhance the value of your organization.

A Staffing Agency That Is a People Specialist

Traditionally, staffing agencies fall into two categories: generalists that help companies from a range of different sectors, and specialists that help companies within a specific sector or niche.

Our careers have shown us that these two categories are missing what is needed today – a specialization in people.

As technology continues to advance, innovations such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are evolving entire economic landscapes. The result is that hard and soft skills are becoming more transferrable.

People are more likely to find opportunities in companies different from the type they are currently working for, and outside their current sector. Similarly, hiring companies who limit themselves to their sector or specific discipline when searching for talent, are limiting the possibilities for exceptional people matches bringing new ideas and solutions.

For candidates, we uncover new professional pathways for all executives to explore. For clients, our recruiting process delivers highly specialized, hard-to-fill skillsets, and EQ from our deep and diverse candidate network.

We see the big picture, and we understand what candidates and clients need to be successful. We’re passionate about the power of bringing the right people together, and about the opportunities this creates for our clients we serve and the exceptional talent in our network. Seeing the fusion of the people we place with the people we place them with is like witnessing a cacophony of fireworks and a starburst of excitement every time.

So, why do we do what we do? In a nutshell, because it’s time the staffing and recruitment industry was brought into the 21st century. And that means putting our passion for people at the center of everything we do as we deliver meaning to candidates, and deliver people with meaning to clients.

Challenge convention with a partner who understands you. Connect with us now to enjoy 21st century recruitment the way it should be.

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