Creative Hiring Options for an Uncertain Market – Retained Executive Search in Denver

Retained Executive Search or Contingent Search?

Do you need a retained executive search in Denver, or will a contingent search suffice?

As we move out of the pandemic, you need strong management to navigate uncertainty and think creatively to respond to rapidly-evolving markets. Yet, execs are more likely to be hesitant about moving.

What type of exec do you want – do you want good, or do you want excellent?

A retained executive search by a staffing agency is much more than just compiling resumes for you to peruse. Instead, it’s a ‘proactive search for the best candidate for your firm’s needs – historically known as ‘headhunting’ for the prime employee.

Still not sure if it’s what you need? Let’s find out.

Why Use Retained Executive Search?

A retained search is not the low-cost option upfront. However, when you consider the worth of independently sourcing a candidate that matches your ideal, your business can reap the rewards tenfold. So what do you receive from retained search?

1.      Top-Performing Talent

Most execs are too busy looking for new roles, and, let’s face it, the best may expect to be headhunted. The purpose of a retained search is that the agency will knock loudly (but subtly) on the right doors. The retainer gives your vacancy priority and weight: it’s in the recruiter’s interest to fill that role with the best talent possible on your behalf in the shortest possible time.

2.      C-Level Importance

Board members can make or break the business, so it’s crucial to get the finest-quality candidate. Retaining an executive hire firm mitigates the risk of a bad hire. In addition, you are comfortable knowing you have the best recruiters with proven exceptional success rates working for you.

3.      Unique Skillset

It is likely you are looking for a niche skillset to blend well into your existing team, but also likely that that person is already employed elsewhere. Cultural fit is essential, but consider this an opportunity to introduce board-level diversity.

A good executive search firm will have an expansive search pattern and the ability to seek out that rare combination of talent, experience, and knowledge you need in your dream C-Level exec.

4.      New Role

This might be a completely new position created outside your expertise. A retained recruiter invests significant time and effort in understanding your business requirements and helping you formulate an accurate job description. They are there to advise you on the right candidate profile before the search even begins, digging into the role’s responsibilities until you have it nailed. Their goals should match yours in terms of a successful long-term hire.

5.      Discretion

You may be recruiting for a position where an existing exec is still in place, or you may want to talk to execs working with firms you already do business with. Either way, a huge amount of discretion is needed here: you don’t want to alienate employees, customers, or shareholders.

A retained executive search firm is highly stealth-like, only revealing your identity at the latest possible stage. Both clients and candidates value this confidentiality.

Key Benefits of a Retained Executive Search in Denver

We have looked at reasons why you might use a retained executive search. Here are some key benefits:

  • The potential to reach an untapped candidate market otherwise unavailable to you
  • High-quality candidates that are already pre-vetted, saving you excessive amounts of time and risk
  • An expert on hand to guide you through the acquisition, hiring, onboarding, and integration, no going it alone
  • Discretion and confidentiality for all parties – no damage to relationships
  • Regular feedback and updates about potential candidates in real time

Why Lincoln Group?

What Lincoln Group doesn’t know about retained executive search in Denver is not worth knowing. We specialize in recruiting at an elite level – it’s what we do best, and discretion is our vibe.

We build relationships with passive and active candidates alike. First, we get to know you, matching candidates with you, your firm, and your future visions. Then, we allocate you a dedicated advisor who will be with you every step. Your hiring success is our business success.

Contact us now and let us find the best to fill that vacancy.

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