Executive Recruitment – It’s Time for Something Different

Refreshing Revolution in Recruitment

At Lincoln Group, we consider ourselves recruitment’s equivalent of matchmakers. Our goal is to help both organizations and people find the perfect partners. How do we do this? By being the perfect partner to both parties ourselves.

You’ll find our modus operandi different and refreshing. That’s what we want to introduce to you in this article. Well, that and a little bit more.

We develop meaningful partnerships with an open and honest exchange of information, fostering the type of relationship that drives collaboration toward a collective goal. It’s a refreshing departure from the typical transactional approach.

We find listening, and our sixth sense makes the difference between a successful hire and a hire that thrives. Our clients experience results that propel their business to new heights – and the careers of our candidates soar to the stars (we don’t believe in stopping at the moon) both with satisfaction and pride.

Because our partnership with you is based on mutual respect, understanding, and collaboration –which drives actual results – we want to share our story.

Leading the Lincoln Group Vision

I’m Amanda Gladden, and my partner in the Lincoln Group Journey is Melissa Martinet. We’re free-thinkers, go-getters, and not scared to challenge outdated conventions. Our culture is based on passion, integrity, enthusiasm, and a genuine love of what we do.

I’d call myself a hunter by nature, and one of my passions is creating meaningful connections between people and businesses. I’ve had some memorable successes in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur.

If I had to attribute these successes down to a couple of things, it is that I listen – not to reply, but to understand. Then I analyze, diagnose when necessary, and always propose a personalized solution and plan. Finally, it is the gift of intuition, a sixth sense, and making connections.

Melissa is passionate about creating personal connections using a creative, consultative approach. With vast experience, she has a penchant for driving strategic staffing models that help clients achieve their short, medium, and long-term goals.

The Journey to the Lincoln Group

Our experience spans corporate, entrepreneurship, HR, staffing, and recruiting (especially for the C-suite). Since the 1990s, the world of business has undergone a massive change. A few years ago, we began to realize that the world of recruitment wasn’t keeping up, but not in the way most people would imagine.

Like most businesses, human capital firms have benefitted from technology and automation. The evolution was necessary and critical to the success of our industry. This has exacerbated the heart of the current problem facing hiring companies and executive candidates. Recruitment is a people business in which the people side of the industry has been largely left behind.

I decided to do something about the anomaly. And so, I founded Lincoln Group.

The Lincoln Group Vision and Mission

Computers and artificial intelligence tools can’t “feel” people. They don’t get emotions. They don’t have a sixth sense. They gather and analyze data effortlessly, but this isn’t listening. They hear keywords around what hiring companies and potential candidates say (minus the tone and inflection) – but they don’t listen, initiate, or solve a problem.

Technological solutions don’t understand what drives your business. As much as we can try to train them, computers can’t comprehend the innermost feelings of a candidate. They can’t assimilate personality into corporate culture.

Don’t get us wrong. We love technology! It is a necessity of life and the human capital industry. But it will never replace recruiters. We don’t solely rely on technology to connect people and positions. We go deeper. Way deeper. Our vision and mission are condensed into a sentence or two.

“Our clients and candidates are our families, which is why we treat them with honesty and fairness and with a fresh, strategic, outside-the-box approach that is the difference our clients desire and deserve. Our consultative methodology empowers a sixth sense that makes us unique in our field – we create innovative solutions that build the  direct link between a person and a position, dovetailing precisely so that both thrive.”

Are You Ready to Challenge the Conventional in an Unconventional World?

We think you’ll agree that there is nothing conventional about the world we all operate in. If the preceding decade hadn’t altered our perception of traditional, 2020 certainly has, which is why the conventional methods used for recruiting executive roles must be challenged.

We understand the value that the right leader can bring to your business. We understand the immense satisfaction that the right position can offer the executive. You won’t find anyone more enthusiastic and committed to connecting people and places than Lincoln Group.

Whether you’re a company seeking to hire a C-suite executive who can drive results or an executive with more to offer than your current role asks of you, you’ve come to the right place. Lincoln Group.

Challenge convention with a partner who understands you. Connect with us now to make the move that will drive the results you deserve.

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