Finally, Flexibility from a Staffing Agency in Denver

A Process Customized to Your Unique Individuality

The trouble with using staffing agencies in Denver, whether an organization is looking to hire their next star player or an executive at a career crossroads, is that if they are let down once with a candidate a bad fit, which can blemish your perception of partnering with them in the future.

Suppose you analyze previous relationships you’ve had with other staffing agencies. In that case, we think’ ‘you’ll ‘ better understand why things didn’t work out before and what you need now. Then, Lincoln Group delivers that experience you desire and deserve.

This article explains what we do, why we are so different, and how we differ from everything you’ve become accustomed to with other agencies.

An Individual Approach, Customized to Your Uniqueness

If there is one thing we have learned from the combined experience of our careers, it is that every candidate and client is unique.

We don’t believe that round pegs can be forced into square holes – yet this is how most staffing agencies operate. These agencies have a rigid recruitment process that tries to force you into a role that isn’t right for you as a candidate. They talk companies into hiring individuals who are not the right cultural fit but have the skills the company needs. We believe you deserve more respect and consideration than this.

Of course, there are processes that we use, but we mix these according to your specific needs. We like to think of it a little like baking a cake. All the ingredients are there, but ‘ ‘it’s how much of each one you use, when you add them, substitutions, and how you combine them that deliver the perfect result.

It’s All About the People

The world of work is changing. The days of keeping a job for life have long gone. For that matter, the days of employees staying put for five years are nearly behind us. Companies are no longer delivering a traditional route of promotion. Instead, they are enabling their employees to craft their careers (as I experienced) – doing work that enthuses them and provides each day with meaning.

Increasingly, companies are delivering rapidly evolving project work. Consequently, as a hiring organization, you need specific, highly specialized, and hard-to-find skills. This ‘isn’t the limit of your needs, in any case. Your hires must be able to work autonomously and yet more collaboratively than ever before.

When we become your partner, we focus on the whole complete package. If ‘you’re a hiring company, ‘we’ll go the extra mile to ensure we have a deep understanding of your business. We stay on top of market trends and remain agile to accommodate changing market conditions.

Whether you want hassle-free recruitment, retained search, confidential hires, transformative talent, or rapid deployment of short-term expertise, ‘you’ve come to the right place.

If we were to sum up, our approach to staffing in a single word, it would probably be ‘‘chemistry‘. Similar to the chemistry that ignites passion and commitment between two people when they start dating.

You have unique needs and attributes to offer executives as an organization. In addition, as an executive, you have a unique personality and skill set that should drive your career forward. ‘ ‘You’re like two people waiting to find each other. Lincoln Group is the conduit that makes this happen.

Lincoln Group – Your Responsive Partner

We design our approach for you across four key elements:

1.    Outside-the-box thinking

Each partnership is as unique as you are. We listen actively to what you are saying while also paying more attention to what isn’t being said. This gives us the depth of knowledge we need to brainstorm solutions for your unique situation. We ‘don’t limit our search to inside-the-box solutions. This means we often discover opportunities and solutions that others (even yourself) ‘don’t see.

2.    We Screen EQ and IQ

Technical matching is essential, but we also utilize Emotional Intelligence ( EQ). EQ is the capacity to understand your emotions, as well as evaluate the feelings and motivations of others. As a result, we have a real knack for identifying the best fit, in which candidate and client fit together for a frictionless match.

3.    Leverage strong links for success

Time is a commodity that is in short supply, as all hiring organizations and career executives know. Our connections and relationships across multiple industries help us deliver solutions and suggestions in real-time – massively reducing time to hire and time to be placed.

4.    The umbrella of synergy

When you partner with a generalist staffing agency, you don’t benefit from the in-depth knowledge and experience needed to hunt out opportunities. Partnering with a specialist agency, you won’t miss out on a world of potential.

We ‘don’t operate in a single industry or vertical. We focus on people and the synergies that exist across functionalities. We ‘don’t limit our search for talent to a single industry – the technical skills and personality match can (and does) span industries, sectors, niches, and titles. Our deep network of clients and candidates enables us to be incredibly agile in searching for the perfect match.

Discover the Difference That People Specialization Makes

We offer a unique solution to your needs. With Lincoln Group as your partner, you can be sure that you will benefit from:

  • Efficient and customized processes
  • A deep network that delivers a match for highly specialized skills and individual personality
  • Trust and longevity of relationships that transcend time
  • Unrivaled flexibility between interim, contingent, contained, and retained searches

‘We’ll save you time, stress, and the headaches accompanying lengthy hiring processes that you may have previously experienced. To learn more, contact Lincoln Group today. We ‘won’t let you down.

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