Your Dress For Success Template

Dress to Impress for Your Resume

Is it Love at First Sight?

Jobseekers often wonder at what point they stand out among the rest. Think of online dating and imagine that your dating profile is your resume. How do you stand out to receive more engagement on our dating profile? It would be best if you had a profile that was unique to you and highlighted all your qualifying attributes.  Do you want a winning profile to stand out above the rest? We have the winning template for your resume.

Now let’s paint a picture; imagine standing in a crowded room.

You look across and make eye contact with the gorgeous being you have ever set eyes on.

The background noise fades as they meet your gaze in return. You feel entranced, fascinated, transfixed. Your heart beats a little faster. Then faster. You are captivated by the person you are meeting. You are overwhelmed with intrigue to find out more about this person. You don’t want to break the gaze for fear of never feeling this way again.

At Lincoln Group, we believe this is the level of emotion your resume should invoke to get you that elusive first date – the interview.

Okay, perhaps not quite to this level, but it’s a good target. The goal is that your resume should be memorable. It should make you stand out from the crowd. So let’s see how you can do this. And will our template and advice resonate with your professional goals?

‘Dress to Impress’ – First Impressions Do Count

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. That goes for your resume, too.  Even though you know you’ll dazzle the recruiter and hiring manager with your story, if you can’t get your foot in the door, you are wasting your and your recruiter’s time. Your marketing documents must match your presence; if not, you’ve got a brand problem.

Your resume is your first opportunity to make a good impression, don’t waste it. So, where do you start?

Put Your Shoes on First

Think of the stiletto heel with the red bottoms, Louboutin. No matter where you are in the world, anyone who sees your shoes will know what brand of shoe you are wearing. Why? Their red sole makes them distinctive. Bold, classy, and stylish shoes for men and women worldwide covet these shoes. Louboutin is an example of brand marketing at its best.

In the case of meeting with a future employer or an executive recruiter, you are the brand you are trying to sell. And your resume is your marketing platform.

Your essential skills and attributes must be just as distinctive and eye-catching as Louboutin shoes if you want to stand out from other candidates. How do you do this:

  • Use bullet points
  • Keep it snappy
  • Use a language known to the employer
  • Use similar words that they have used in the job description to show your skills – remember,
Treat your executive search like a mating game.

Leave out the dull stuff. As an executive, you are ‘honest, reliable, and trustworthy. So ignore tired phrases and overused. Instead, consider what the employer truly desires and demonstrate that you have it boldly and clearly.

The Overall Look

When getting dressed for a date or an important meeting, the aim is to look ‘ put together.’ And your resume should be no different.

Use your professional summary to set up the scene for you. Be congruent, but don’t be shy. Align your values with the employer where you can, and don’t waffle. Keep it brief but informative.  The key is to talk about your successes, sell yourself, and the benefits you can bring to the role.

Sudoku Wardrobe

Have you heard of a Sudoku wardrobe? The idea is that you can arrange a collection of stable clothing items to make many different outfits. Who doesn’t love an easy capsule wardrobe? Get ten companies out of 16 items simply because they are all coordinated and interchangeable.

Make the job experience section of your resume work in the same way. Show your experience and transferable skills, and illustrate versatility. Do your research, and engage in the company culture and language. Remember, it’s up to you to show how you will be a good fit.

Your Jacket and Coat

Ideally, you want your suit jacket and coat to match your outfit before you leave the house. They should provide you with a foundation to carry yourself with confidence. When you think about your resume, your employment history is the suit jacket of your resume. Make sure your resume is accurate, current, and matches the role you are applying for.

Be prepared to explain any employment gaps. For example, you may have had a couple of months away from work for travel or to care for a sick relative. Be able to discuss this further with your recruiter and or hiring manager.

Feel free to add a couple of sentences about your hobbies and interests. Think of them as the accessories that pull your resume. Add examples of your professional accomplishments, but keep them authentic. You are aiming to look well-rounded, unique, and engaging.

Do not Forget to Accessorize!

Now for the finishing touches to your resume, keep these six essential tips in mind as you rewrite your resume.

  1. Keep it concise and informative – don’t use nine words when four will do.
  2. Personalize to the role and company you are applying to – one size does not fit all!
  3. Proofread for spelling and grammar – it’s best to have someone else do this for you.
  4. Make it easy to scan – white space and bullet points are the key here.
  5. Ignore the temptation to use fancy fonts and layouts.
  6. Make sure your contact details are easily visible – get ready for that call.

At Lincoln Group, we specialize in helping our candidates prepare their resumes for the right job. We invite you to get your hearts racing by using our tried and trusted formula, combined with our sixth sense for perfect executive matching.

(Make sure to review our top interview tips for when you are invited to the all-important first date.) Then, for the very best in executive search, contact Lincoln Group today.

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