Human Capital Industry Expert – Explains the Key Areas of Your Resume

We asked Amanda Gladden, President, and CEO of Lincoln Group Inc., to give me her feedback on candidate resumes and to specifically recall advice she gives to her clients during their intake call.

We tapped into Amanda’s expertise in some stand-out areas on resumes she has seen over the years. And what she advises her executive candidates to clean up on their resumes.

  • Format

Make sure your resume is easy to read. Don’t make recruiters have to search for employer names, titles, or dates—bold these items.

  • Objective

If you are changing career paths, explain the purpose of the change and highlight relevant credentials in the objective if your career path is optional to have an objective.

  • Accomplishments

When listing your job responsibilities and accomplishments, list accomplishments first, then list your most critical skills and responsibilities first.

  • Customize

Highlight or showcase the most relevant skills to the job you apply to in the first bullets.

  • Keywords

Use keywords from the job posting in your resume so your profile shows up in recruiter searches and when hiring managers read your resume. If they see the words, they are looking for. Therefore, they are more likely to receive an interview.

  • Tenure

If you’ve made many job moves, you need to explain the moves on your resume. An example is to first bullet point can explain why you left, then highlight accomplishments.


Amanda Gladden started Lincoln Group Inc in 2020 after working in the human capital Industry for over 20 years. She launched the Lincoln Group with the vision to disrupt the market with a new methodology identifying people-based specializations in staffing. Read more about Amanda and Lincoln Group’s mission, and learn why we are the LINK to your SUCCESS.


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We are “The People with People Passion.”
– Amanda Gladden, President

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